Mobile Geofencing

What Is Mobile Geofencing?

Mobile geofencing uses Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to detect the location and create an action once a mobile device enters or exits the place.

This technology helps businesses to send personalized notifications, advertisements, and promotions to your customers within a specific area. Geofencing also has good security and safety features, used in mobile tracking devices to monitor the location of stolen items or the whereabouts of people.

Mobile geofencing is an increasing trend in marketing and enhancing user engagement and experience.

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Mobile Geofencing Marketing

Mobile geofencing marketing allows businesses to feed the audience with specific and timely messages based on their physical location.

As more people increasingly use mobile devices, there’s a growing request for personalized experiences. Mobile geofencing marketing has widely influenced businesses to keep their audience closer.

Let us explore the top 5 benefits of mobile geofencing marketing for your business, including how to get more visitors, higher conversion rates, increased sales, better data insights, and saving money.

Learn more about how mobile geofencing can improve your marketing tactics and increase growth.

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How to Implement Geofencing into Your Marketing Strategy?


Here are some actions to help you execute geofencing in your marketing plans:

  • Know your Customers: Identify the demographic and insights of your target audience. This will help you decide the location and scope of your geofence.
  • Set up your geofence: Use a geofencing app to set up a virtual perimeter around the physical location. Set the size of the geofence appropriately to cater to your target audience.
  • Create clear and convincing messages: Attract your customers by speaking to them clearly and offering incentives, such as exclusive offers or discounts to encourage them to engage with your brand.
  • Choose the right delivery method: Decide how to deliver your messages to users within your geofence. This could be through SMS messages, push notifications, or in-app messages.
  • Test and optimize: Test different messaging techniques to decide what works best for users. Analyze the data and optimize your marketing strategy to continuously improve the results over time.
  • Inform future campaigns: Collect and use data on user behavior and choices to inform future campaigns. Keep on adjusting your delivery methods to improve user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Be mindful of user privacy: Inform users that you are using geofencing technology and give them the choice to opt out of receiving notifications.
  • Provide value to users: Make sure that your messages offer relevancy and value to users. Avoid spamming users with unrelated messages.


By defining your customers, setting up a geofence, creating effective messages, choosing the right delivery approach, testing and optimizing, and using relevant data to notify future campaigns, your marketing strategy is already one step ahead with the help of mobile geofencing advertising.

Is Geofencing Expensive?

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Mobile geofencing is a promising and powerful marketing tool however is it expensive?

The cost of geofencing depends on several factors, the scope of the geofence, the number of notifications sent, and how it was delivered. There are still ways to lower the cost while still achieving your marketing goals.

  • Carefully define the target audience and set the size of the geofence appropriately – smaller or larger geofence can be both effective as long as it grabs the proper audience. The smaller the area, the lesser the number of messages sent and the lesser cost of delivery.
  • Use cheaper delivery methods – SMS or in-app messaging are cheaper and more practical compared to push notifications and are still effective in engaging users.
  • Consider when and how often messages are being sent – limit the number of messages and schedule the timing properly to keep costs down. This way we want to make sure that messages are guaranteed to be more effective.
  • Use data to optimize and enhance ROI – adjusting the messaging and sending methods to improve user engagement and conversion can eventually boost revenue and decrease costs.


In conclusion, mobile geofencing has cheaper and more expensive alternatives. Using the above strategic methods in mobile geofencing can help businesses achieve their marketing plans without breaking the bank.

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