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When it comes to promoting your brand and driving valuable traffic to your website, Google Ads offers a range of campaign types to choose from. Each campaign type has its own strengths and objectives, so it’s important to understand which one is the best fit for your brand.

Let’s explore the various Google Ads campaign types and help you determine which one suits your brand the most.

Ad Campaign Suitability Assessment

In order to identify the most suitable Google Ads campaign type for your brand, it is essential to assess your advertising objectives, target audience, and budget. By evaluating these key factors, you can make informed decisions about the type of campaign that aligns with your brand’s goals and values.

advertising objectives

Advertising objectives

The first step in determining the fitting Google Ads campaign type for your brand is to clearly define your advertising objectives. Are you trying to improve sales, lead generation, website traffic, or brand awareness? Different campaign types cater to different objectives, so it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve through your advertising efforts.

Target audience

Knowing your target audience is key to running an effective Google Ads campaign. Ask yourself: Who are your customers? What demographics or interests do they have? Understanding your target audience will help you choose the campaign type that allows you to reach and engage with them most effectively.


Your budget plays a significant role in determining the type of Google Ads campaign that suits your brand. Some campaign types require a higher budget to achieve desirable results, while others are more cost-effective. It’s important to assess your budget limitations and allocate your resources strategically to maximize the impact of your advertising investment.

Types of Google Advertising Campaigns

Types of advertising campaigns

Now that you have evaluated your advertising objectives, target audience, and budget, let’s dive into the various Google Ads campaign types and explore their strengths and suitability for different brand strategies.

Search Network Campaigns

The most fundamental and popular kind of Google Ads campaign is the Search Network Campaign. They display text ads to users who are actively searching for specific keywords on Google. This campaign type is suitable for brand strategies that aim to capture users’ intent and drive targeted traffic to specific landing pages. If your objective is to increase website traffic and generate leads through search engine visibility, Search Network Campaigns are a great choice.

Display Network Campaigns

Display Network Campaigns offer a broader reach by displaying visually appealing image or video ads across a network of websites and mobile apps. This campaign type is ideal for brand strategies that focus on increasing brand awareness, reaching a wider audience, and showcasing visually compelling content. If you want to create visually engaging ads and expand your brand’s reach, Display Network Campaigns can help you achieve those goals.

Video Campaigns

Video Campaigns enable you to promote your brand through engaging video ads on YouTube and across the Google Display Network. This campaign type is suitable for brand strategies that leverage the power of visual storytelling and aim to captivate their audience through compelling video content. If you have compelling video content and want to build brand awareness through captivating visuals, Video Campaigns are an excellent choice.

Ad Campaign Suitability Assessment

Shopping Campaigns

If your brand sells products online, Shopping Campaigns are highly effective for showcasing your products directly on the Google Search network. This campaign type allows you to upload your product inventory to Google Merchant Center and create visually appealing ads that appear when users search for relevant products. If your objective is to increase product visibility and drive sales, Shopping Campaigns can significantly impact your brand’s success in the e-commerce space.

App Campaigns

If you have a mobile app and want to increase app installs, engagement, or drive valuable in-app actions, App Campaigns are the perfect fit for your brand. This campaign type utilizes machine learning to optimize and deliver your ads across Google’s network of apps, search, YouTube, and the Display Network. If you want to promote your mobile app and reach users who are more likely to install and engage with it, App Campaigns offer a seamless solution.

Local Campaigns

For brands with physical store locations, Local Campaigns help drive foot traffic and increase engagement with your local audience. This campaign type allows you to easily promote your stores across Google’s network, including Search, Display, Maps, and YouTube. If you want to increase store visits and boost local awareness, Local Campaigns can effectively connect your brand with potential customers in your area.

smart campaigns

Smart Campaigns

If you have limited time and resources but still want to run effective Google Ads campaigns, Smart Campaigns are an excellent choice. This campaign type leverages machine learning to automate the ad creation and optimization process. Smart Campaigns are suitable for brand strategies that prioritize simplicity and require minimal hands-on management. If you’re new to Google Ads or have resource limitations, Smart Campaigns offer an easy and efficient way to promote your brand online.

Whether you choose Search Network Campaigns, Display Network Campaigns, Video Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, App Campaigns, Local Campaigns, or Smart Campaigns, Google Ads provides a powerful platform to promote your brand and increase its online presence. 

SW Marketing and Consulting will help you to start exploring the different campaign types and unlock the true potential of your brand through Google Ads today!