Jessica Jordan

Why is video marketing the most powerful marketing tool in 2022?


Have you ever wondered, Why video marketing is the most effective medium for las vegas businesses to connect with their target audience?


Las Vegas is known as home to some of the most advanced technology in the world, and that’s why they’re taking advantage of every bit of it. Businesses are using video marketing to promote their products and services since they have a highly active customer base.


As everybody knows image speaks a thousand words. For video, multiply that by another thousand. This means, that video marketing has the power that will help you connect with your audience and market your products.


So, here’s the tea! Las Vegas businesses choose to use video advertising as a marketing tool because it helps them build a strong engagement with their audiences. As said, “You only get one chance to make a good impression” So, the best way to attract your audience is to create video ads that are short yet entertaining and easy to understand.


Good news! I can help you target your right audience, at the right time!


Through Programmatic advertising, your business can reach your audience through television, radio, web, and mobile screens. Also, It offers marketers a less error-prone and more efficient way of buying digital advertising. Programmatic also allows advertisers in Las vegas to clearly define the specific audience they want their ads to be shown to, in addition to the placement on screens and devices.


These are the top reasons why it should be in your marketing campaign.


1. Better Return on Investment.

You want to reach out and connect with as many audiences as possible. I know, because I do too. But there’s one problem with that — money. You’re all in the business of advertising, and therefore you have to make sure your advertisement reaches those audiences time and time again — without breaking our pockets. So, problem solved! Programmatic advertising will make your business rest assured that you’re spending your money wisely and efficiently. For instance, you might be familiar with this famous programmatic ad, the pre-roll video, which is seen prior to watching any big YouTube event such as The Oscars. It’s a brief advertisement that offers information about a potential new customer. The interesting thing about this particular type of programmatic ad it’s easy to remember because you have to watch it before proceeding with the movie you’re going to watch. It’s proven that using this marketing campaign will not waste your fortune rather it has a higher chance of return on investment.


2. Upgrade Targeting strategies.

Through the many video advertisement used by Las Vegas businesses, programmatic advertising has really been a game-changer. For it allows your advertisement to be seen at a specific time and day. How? You can play your ads based on your target market’s data. Such as Interest, browsing behavior, location, and preference. For instance, if you own a clothing line business in Vegas, and you know that your market has a habit to looked for clothes every Thursday, at noon you can play your ads at that exact time. Having a better targeting means better sales.


3. Advanced tracking ability.

Did you ever want to know how many people saw your ad? I know. It can be pretty frustrating to pay for an ad that you don’t even know if it reaches the right audience. There are a lot of times when you desperately need this information to change the campaign of your ads in order to maximize the return on investment. But now, you’re in luck! Through programmatic advertising, not just can you track how many markets see your ads, but it gives you specific categories and values that are seen by them.


4. User Friendly.

Have you ever watched a 30-second video on Facebook and afterward thought, “That probably got my attention, but what was the point?” Well, you’re not alone. Although marketers have been using videos as ads for years, many see an increase in their click-through rates and engagement without a dramatic increase in costs. That’s why it’s crucial to differentiate yourself from the crowd by using programmatic video. For it helps you create ads that are not complicated but that are more engaging and eye-catching, which will make your audience feel like these ads are built especially for them.


5. Valuable Insights.

Every marketing campaign you execute is presenting you with valuable data. Whether that data on the keyword being searched, the country from which your visitors are coming from or the device they’re using when arriving at your website (mobile/desktop), any insight helps. Programmatic advertisement is different from other types of digital marketing because it helps you to compare the real data you gathered from consumers. The gathered data will be used in customizing your online marketing campaigns. This can help you increase your sales, as well as improve the overall performance of your business.


6. Cross-Channel Reach.

Have you ever wished your business to expand your audience? Well, There are many ways to connect to your audience and programmatic advertising helps you to use these different channels. For it will help you reach your target audience as well as encourage those markets who don’t have any idea about your brand. As the more channels used, means the more sales to come.


7. High efficiency.

As you probably know, advertising campaigns for vegas-based businesses can be difficult to measure. You typically don’t know how well your ad campaign is doing until it’s over but with programmatic advertising, that isn’t the case. For they can measure how well your advertisement is doing. No money and effort wasted here!


Knowing the reasons why most businesses in las vegas are using programmatic advertising will make you realize that your business will really be out of trend without it.


What are your thoughts on programmatic advertising? We’d love to hear them!