Jessica Jordan

Do you want to keep up with this tough advertising competition?


I’m sure you do! Good news! You are at the right place! Las Vegas Businesses are known for being precise in getting the attention of their target audiences. It’s a great advantage for their business or brand to be recognized. So how do businesses in Las Vegas compete with each other? The answer is: Create an advanced and appealing advertisement. Having a strong display ad strategy is key to not just surviving but thriving in today’s tough advertising market.


As a business owner, if you’re planning to launch a new business or renew your marketing campaign! The first thing that your company should do is display your products in front of your customers. Display advertising is proven to be the most effective way to promote your brand even before you introduce your new product!


Did you know that your display ads can affect your conversion rates? In fact, it’s estimated that a 20% improvement in your conversion rate could lead to an increase of up to 20% in revenue from display ads. The trick behind this is to make sure you are using the right techniques and tips so that your display ads become the best source of leads and customers.


Of course, we know that creating display ads can be a daunting task. That’s why we have prepared this article on how Las Vegas businesses can create display ads and what techniques to use in order to get the most out of your display ads.


These are some techniques and tips to help you get most of your display ad:


Set a goal and build a strategy.

“If you don’t have a goal, you will end up settling for a bare minimum.” No one in Las Vegas dreams of seeing their business being in vain or having no impact on the industry, and So should you! You don’t want to waste your money on advertisements that will not help you succeed right? So, After concluding what goal to achieve, start building a strategy. If you are after brand awareness and loyalty you can start creating eye-catching and appealing visuals. For instance, if your targets are children you can create display ads that are colorful and joyful. While, if it’s for adults you can put why they should be needing your product and service offered.

Target the right audience.

Have you heard that your customers are who will make or break your business? Well, it’s true! You have to carefully target your audience, you don’t want to risk offering your ads to people who don’t care about what you are offering, right? As display ads allow you to personalize your content, take advantage of it! Start designing and editing an ad that will help your target remember your brand. Have a hard time designing your display ads? Well SW Digital got you! We are here to help you increase your brand and reach the right audience for your business.

Create appealing content.

Yes, surely you have succeeded in attracting the right audience, but how can you make them click, watch and be loyal to your brand? Well, you have to be mindful when creating your content and design. You don’t have to create a long explanation and introduction of your brand, just a short but sweet and informative one, can do. Keep in mind: Use a high-quality image that will cause an emotional response from your audience. Kindly use addressable geo-fencing to properly make your display ads appealing to your audiences by precisely targeting multiple devices at the right time. Keep this in mind when creating attractive content:

Create effective landing pages.

You don’t want to mislead your audience, right? Well, Creating effective landing pages is the key to success. Lots of companies fall short on this because they don’t create a good user experience or mislead their audience in any way. If you don’t carefully match the design and headlines to the landing page. It will cause a total loss of your brand. For instance, if your display ads state that you have a sale or discount, make sure that your landing page will make it easier for the clients to avail of your product as well as to use the voucher. Remember: Make the journey of your ads as simple as possible.

Ensure your ads are mobile-friendly.

No one can’t deny the growth of the mobile internet, that’s why you should keep in mind to create an ad that is accessible for a mobile device. One of the most common online advertising mistakes is designing an ad that’s not mobile-friendly. Why? If the ads aren’t mobile-friendly there’s a higher chance that it will hurt your business for it will result in lower click-through rates. Also, did you know? Mobile-friendly ads will help increase your conversions, improve the quality of the traffic that you get, improve your pixelation rate and provide a great experience for your users. Remember: You simply need to ensure your ads are mobile-friendly. Good news! SW digital can help you create display ads that are mobile-friendly.


Stay true to your brand.

You don’t want your efforts to be in vain, right? Consistency is the key. Create your display ads with full authenticity and make your brand stand out against your competitors. By creating a consistent design, style, and color your audience will easily recognize and remember you. Meaning your brand will be able to get your audience’s trust, loyalty, and brand recognition. In building this customer relationship there’s a higher chance that your audience is more likely to click your ads.


Test and Measure your display ads.

One of the most important things you can do is to test and measure your display ads. Great and informative content is nothing if it can’t reach your target audience and can’t increase your brand awareness. Good news! You can measure the number of audiences that have reached and engaged with your content. To effectively measure your display ads, improve your targeting, optimize and increase your conversion rate make sure you follow best practices like monitoring the number of your impressions, reach of your content, click-through rate, and conversion rate.


Display ads are what will help your business grow! Make your dollar spent worthy!


Don’t let your competitors beat you!