Jessica Jordan

Are you behind with your competitor in Las Vegas? And planning to level up the marketing campaign, But don’t know where to start?


Well, Video content is the answer! Why? It is one of the most important things today’s las vegas business owners need to have as part of their marketing strategy. The popularity of videos has exploded over the last few years. Also, Las Vegas is one of the most promising areas in the USA’s advertising industry. Businesses here are not only creating a strong impression but also making their audience think with their creative and eye-catching content.


As you might know, When it comes to video production, timing is crucial. Creative ideas, production process, and actual shooting all happen before the video is produced. Here’s the Goodnews! By pre-production, you can plan all these. For it can make sure that every detail is executed properly and creatively.

So, what really is The Pre-production? – It works essentially as a guide to your creative process. It’s important to begin this process with a general idea of what you want your video to be and what you plan on including in it, but not definitive at all. Everything you do in this part of the process is going to lead you to a better outcome.


These are the ways how to have a smooth production process:


Figure Out Your Audience.

“You can’t get the attention of those who don’t have an interest in your business” That’s why it’s very crucial in the pre-production process in las vegas businesses to define first, who your target markets are? Figuring out your target audience will help you create personalized content. How? Having a specific person in mind, allows you to tell a specific and relatable story that will make them feel that the message is directly for them. Also, Narrowing down your specific audiences will lead you to create more targeted and effective video content.


Make Your Message Crystal Clear.

Contents are what make your market trust your business. As we know, having a strong connection with your audience is what drives your business to success, so to achieve that you have to communicate with them and create an explicit message that will not cause a misunderstanding and mislead your audience. Have a hard time deciding how to create a relatable message? Here’s the Good news! SWG and A&G studio can help you convey your message clearly for they’ll work with your team for content and a comprehensive shot list/storyboard, that will make it easier for you to see what kind of message need to be delivered to your audience.


Set a Realistic Budget.

Finances are a way to turn your plans into reality. That’s why it’s also critical during the pre-production process. Budgeting your expenses will help you create an effective and eye-catching that will not damage your pocket. Well if you have no idea, on allocating a budget for the elements required for your pre-production. SWG and A&G studio got you! For they will help you handle your budget and to use it efficiently, by creating your video into a top-notch!


Write Your Script and Revise It. Then Revise It Again.

There’s no perfect on the first try. It is understated, but it’s very important to change your script if needed as long as it will help you create a smooth flow during your pre-production, production, and post-production. You will have to write a lot of things. There will be script drafts, character design, storyboard, and whatnot. It is never-ending. The key is to just keep on writing until you get it perfect. You are allowed revising it as much as you want. Just to make sure that your screenplay is free from error, and scene confusion, and to make sure that the main points of the story are clear.


Put Your Best 8 Seconds First.

“First impressions last” always, think of a way on making your first 8 seconds leave impressions on your audience. So make sure to create ads, that are short but creative and effective.

Tips on making your eye-catching video.


Create a Production Schedule.

Time is money. Don’t waste time during the production process. Remember: List down in sequential order how your production will flow and how the video will be played. In scheduling, The SWG and A&G studio got your back!


These are to be expected in your schedule:


Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse.

No matter how good the plan is, the actor still has played a significant role in how your video will be effective and look in the eye of your audience. So, encourage your actors to practice their lines and how they will be delivered. By doing this, you can decide whether the actors fit the vibe of the video or not.


Video marketing has taken the business world by storm. Don’t let your business be out of this trend!


Stop roaming around, Start to level up your business!