Jessica Jordan

Many startups seem to think that social media marketing is as easy as ABC. That as soon as you create an account and post their products on social media networks, customers will automatically come their way, people will buy their stuff immediately.


I’m sorry to burst their bubble, but that doesn’t work that way. No, that’s not how it goes.


Truth is, it almost never works. And the products don’t really go anywhere. They’re just… there. Not unless you do something about it.


And that’s what we are going to talk about. What can you do to take your products to market and to where you want them to go? Here’s a more realistic approach. It takes time, yes, but it’s more effective.

  1. You promote on social media (organically)

  2. Boost and promote your best content.

  3. Filter your audience targeting. It’s called detailed targeting.

  4. Select your potential and qualified leads and convert them to sales.

  5. Market.

  6. Remarket.

  7. Repeat.

Try these 6 tips for more effective social media advertising for your business.


Paid ads.

Organic reach is great. You can use it to grow your social media. It’s cost- effective; free advertising. But to be honest, it’s not enough. And lately, it’s pretty much dead.


Here are the benefits of using paid social media advertisements for your business:


Social media ads give the best and most scalable business and product promotion. They are more likely to give you leads and customers, and ultimately, profit.


Plus, you don’t need a lot of money for this, either. It’s pretty cheap yet effective advertising.

Know your ad objective for your business.


What do you want to achieve when you’re running ads?

Do you want more engagement? Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want to sell? Impressions? Clicks?


It is very important to determine this first, before running ads so you don’t end up spending (wasting) money on the result you don’t want or need for your business.


Only pay for what matters to your business the most.


Promote your best performing ads content.

The key to social media paid ads is to be picky. As you’re probably already posting content on social networks anyway, test your content and their (engagement) effectiveness by organic posting.


What you want is high engagement rates for your ads content, right?


To do that, you need to pick your high and best performing content. Those that receive the most engagement. So basically, you need to post a lot of content, then through analytics, or insights, you’ll see which posts get the most engagement. These contents are your best options to attract customers on social ads.


Detailed targeting.

Another way to increase your engagement rate is with audience targeting. And no, not your general audience targeting. I mean, really detailed targeting.


For example:


Because while you already have an ideal audience (gender, age, where are they from, etc.) in mind, you need to remember that these people are different from one another. Different income rates, interests, values, and preferences.


So you need to take those details into consideration too, when you create and pick your content to promote.


Video Ads!

What if I tell you that you can get thousands of video views for as low as $0.02 per view?


Online shoppers are more likely to remember videos they view. So you have a good chance of getting their attention and driving them to buy using video ads. Here’s some tips:


Retarget, remarket.

Retargeting means connecting or targeting people who have visited your page, visited your site, clicked on a product link, and/ or bought from you. And if they showed these behaviors, that means they’re interested, don’t they?


So these people are more likely to purchase your stuff or purchase again (if they already have).


This will help you boost your engagement rates and increase your conversion rates while cutting your advertisement costs!


You have infinite advertising options, you have to remember that the best way to advertise your small business still depends on the type of your business and the product/ service that you’re promoting.


Trying out different methods and testing their effectiveness will help you determine the best advertising strategies for your business. So don’t forget to measure your result. See if you’ve hit your targets, achieved your goals, and if your efforts have paid off.


Try these effective social media advertising tips to sell, get more customers, and grow your business.