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Social Ad Conversion and Creative Development

Take advantage of SW digital creative services to quickly and easily activate campaigns with high-quality ads. SW Digital provides two solutions to help with the creative development of ads in order to maximize deficiencies and performance:

1. Convert social media posts to programmatic ads via SW digital partnership with Spaceback.
2. Use SW digital’s offering to develop custom static or animated display ads on your behalf.

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Social Display Ads via Spaceback

Automatically transform social media posts into display creatives to promptly activate programmatic campaigns on SW digital platform. Spaceback converts advertisers’ social media posts from any major social platform into the six most popular banner ad sizes—including in-banner video when applicable—giving the appearance of native social posts. These unique creatives help advertisers extend their reach beyond social media and drive programmatic performance.


​• Quickly generate creatives to easily activate campaigns without needing to develop a brand-new ad, thereby improving efficiencies.
• Capitalize on ads that look like native social posts to provide a better user experience and improve campaign performance.
• Reactions such as likes and comments on the original post update in real-time on the corresponding ads.
• Take advantage of existing social media posts from all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
• Pair the newly developed creative units with any of SW digital targeting tactics.
• Keep campaigns interesting and fresh while avoiding banner blindness—without needing to design new ad units.

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