Programmatic Video Advertising

SW digital support pre-roll, mid-roll, and in-banner video formats, and it can deliver across in-app, mobile web, and desktop browser inventory types.


Programmatic video is an excellent medium for reaching users on desktops and mobile devices. Engage new customers by streaming video ads across a wealth of premium publishers. Real-time bidding allows SW digital to target users based on geography and online behavior.

Programmatic Video Options

Pre-Roll Video Ads

Video ads appearing before free video content from publishers such as local news sites, CNN, Forbes, MSN, and

Mid-Roll Video Ads

Video ads appearing within longer video content such as streaming complete television episodes

Post-Roll Video Ads

Video ads appearing at the end of online video content.

In-Banner Video

Video ads converted to run in standard display banner spaces.

Layer on other SW digital targeting tactics to optimize performance to reach the right user at the right time. With a large enough geo, SW digital can target users with site and search retargeting as well as keyword and category contextual targeting.

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