Programmatic Audio Advertising

SW digital support pre-roll, mid-roll, and in-banner video formats, and it can deliver across in-app, mobile web, and desktop browser inventory types.


With the number of digital audio listeners expected to hit 1.5 billion worldwide
by 2025 (Statista), now is the time to take advantage of programmatic audio.Reach active and engaged users in an immersive environment as they listen to audio content, such as podcasts, online radio, music, and more. This includes both live streaming and downloadable formats.

Run programmatic audio on the same platform as your display, video, and
OTT/CTV campaigns to efficiently manage all of your programmatic campaigns in one place. Easily optimize across channels using SW digital granular reporting to identify insights based on budget, performance, and more.

How It Works?

Programmatic audio campaigns are created in the same way as display or video campaigns. Simply upload an audio creative file and apply relevant deal IDs based on the audio content you wish to target. more.
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