Programmatic Video

Programmatic video is an excellent medium for reaching users on desktops and mobile devices. Engage new customers by streaming video ads across a wealth of premium publishers. Real-time bidding allows SW digital to target users based on geography and online behavior.

What is Programmatic Video Advertising?

One of the coolest things about programmatic video advertising is its real-time optimization capabilities. If the ad is delivered, the software will analyze its performance and improve it to enhance its effectiveness. For example, if the ad has fewer clicks, the software might adjust the targeting or strategy to improve engagement.


Programmatic video advertising is becoming a trend nowadays as digital video consumption continues to rise. It’s becoming more affordable, and many businesses can now avail themselves of platforms and services that offer programmatic video advertising. 


Platforms like HBO Max advertising, Hulu advertising, Sling TV, and Paramount advertising are examples of platforms that use programmatic video advertising. Programmatic video advertising can enhance your video marketing campaigns and achieve more profitable results for your business.

What services do we offer?

SW Digital’s targeting tactics will help your business optimize performance to reach the right user at the right time. With a large enough geolocation, SW Digital can reach more users with site and search retargeting as well as, keyword and category contextual targeting.

Campaign planning

We’ll work with you to identify the proper channels to reach your target audience and design a plan for optimizing your campaign’s performance.

Ad creation and buying

We’ll work with you to develop ad content specifically designed for your target audience and aligned with your brand messaging. We will also optimize your ad creatives to ensure good performance on various platforms, such as streaming services, social media, and websites.

Targeting and optimization

Our team uses advanced algorithms to buy and place your video ads on the right media. We’ll monitor real-time bidding on ad inventory to ensure that ads are delivered to the right audience and adjust your ad spending to achieve a better ROI.

Client Solutions

We will help you overcome any obstacles and deliver effective programmatic video advertising solutions that align with your unique needs and objectives.


Programmatic Video Options

In addition to our programmatic advertising capabilities, we also offer programmatic video options for you to choose from.

  • Pre-Roll Video Ads

Video ads appear before free video content from publishers such as local news sites, CNN, Forbes, MSN, and

  • Mid-Roll Video Ads

Video ads appear within longer video content, such as streaming complete television episodes.

  • Post-Roll Video Ads

Video ads appear at the end of online video content.

  • In-Banner Video

Video ads converted to run in standard display banner spaces.

Why Work With Us?

We are here to help you improve your video programmatic advertising strategy and step up your video marketing in Las Vegas.

Our Team

In SW Digital, our team of experts has years of experience in programmatic advertising and can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that meets your unique business needs.


We are also experts in other marketing services that can help your business maximize its full potential.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Programmatic Audio advertising
  • OTT/CTV advertising
  • Brand marketing
  • Media Planning/Buying


Moreover, SW Digital has experienced programmatic advertising professionals who understand the whole process and are dedicated to achieving your advertising goals with less hassle and easier transactions.

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